Dear Sirs and all „real tourism“


If you are looking for something really new in the Czech and Slovak Republics or planning right now, shopping or creating new products and are looking for ideas for your new catalogs, then you are one hundred percent with us to the right place.

ATIS will be there to mix your strength and market share. The most important thing for us is partnership trade relations with our partners and service providers. We do not offer any price "quickly fermented blockbuster products".

These websites provide only a limited selection of our programs, services and hotels to choose from. To learn more or to prepare special trips, ask more specific trusting Confidential tariffs for each market segment. Absolutely new and affordable products can especially youth, and Kurreisenveranstalter expect.

Contacts with almost all "good" and suitable hotels in Czech Republic and Slovakia enable us to prepare really competitive offers. The major part of these offers can be booked via the Internet. In the new, modern DTP studio we make our catalogs themselves. To this end we have established an extensive media archive. It is also available to our partners.

Meanwhile ATIS reached the position no. 5 among Czech tour operators and in the field of domestic tourism in the Czech Republic and the neighboring Slovak Republic we ended up back on the first position this year. Our numerous contacts that comprise today more than 300 hotels, guest houses, mountain chalets and tourist resorts that allow us to be flexible and take advantage of the synergistic effects not only for incoming groups, but also for individuals.

I wish you much success

Josef Ryljak, the Executive Gesellschafterr